Fine Art for Hospitality Spaces

"Alexander" geometric mosaic mandala art print framed and hung next to a table, by Dolores J. Nurss.
Product Mockup: “Alexander” art print displayed in a cafe.

Are you an art buyer or consultant for hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants or other public spaces? Are you looking for hospitality art or other visual assets that offer universal appeal plus a unique take on a classic theme?

The Dreamdeer’s Mandalas™ collection of mandala-themed fine art prints and decorative tiles offers a sophisticated yet relaxing visual experience, satisfies a wide variety of consumer tastes, and has the color versatility to match any interior décor scheme.

Artist Dolores J. Nurss’s modern take on this ancient symbol can bring richness and serenity into a tourist’s cozy lodgings, a diner’s private table, or a business traveler’s lounge.

Product Mockup: "Bouquet" art print displayed in a hotel or bed & breakfast room.
Product Mockup: “Bouquet” art print displayed in a hotel or bed & breakfast room.

Mandalas have an intrinsically soothing nature that calms the mind. Mystics make and contemplate them for hours, madmen draw them to find relief, and you you can find variations on its four-way or eight-way symmetry in every culture in the world. They provide a recognized archetype of wholeness that is hardwired into our very neurology.

For instance, they will provide hotel guests with a visual focal point that they can gaze upon when too frazzled from an active day to browse their phones or watch television. They promote peace and restoration welcome to those seeking refuge for the night or a distraction from their everyday lives.

Product mockup of "Industrial Reptile" geometric mosaic mandala fine art print by Dolores J. Nurss hagning in a conference room with neutral colors
Product Mockup: “Industrial Reptile” art print displayed in a conference room with neutral colors.

Our online catalog features museum-quality paper prints in open, unsigned editions (why we do this), as well as commercial-quality decorative tiles. In addition, we can provide metal and acrylic prints, gift boxes and other media appropriate for finely-detailed designs, upon request. We are also open to licensing arrangements, including the creation of custom designs in larger sizes for your exclusive use.

Below: Dolores’ three most recent designs in our growing collection, shown here in the diamond-shaped art print version and square-shaped decorative tile version.

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Product Mockup: “Jester”, “Desert Palace” and “Woman of Power” art prints displayed in a hotel lobby.