Dreamdeer’s Mandalas

Geometric Mosaic Mandala Art

"Brigid" geometric mosaic mandala art, by Dolores J. Nurss.
“Brigid” geometric mosaic mandala art, by Dolores J. Nurss.

Artist Dolores J. Nurss, who also goes by the name Dreamdeer, creates complex mandala designs that express historical, literary and cultural concepts in the abstract purity of pattern and color.

“In Novatierre, a world I have dreamed of since childhood, a country exists named Naugren, and they decorate their buildings with square or diamond mandala tiles made from smaller triangular tiles in families of sixteen each. I have not copied any specific design from a dream, but I have made all of these in the Naugrenic style.”

Now available as fine art prints

We have recently begun releasing for sale an extensive collection of Dolores’ mandalas as museum-quality giclée art prints, employing only the best printing processes and archival papers.

"Alexander" geometric mosaic mandala art print framed and hung next to a table, by Dolores J. Nurss.
“Alexander” framed to inspire the mind and spirit.

“You will observe that the design changes, depending on whether you look at it close up or from a distance. Also you might notice that not only do the sub-tiles show minor variations, but so does placement, giving this a handcrafted look.”

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Also available as home decor

"Contemplative Fire", "Laughter", "Machinery of Magic" and "Sunfae Embrace" as decorative throw pillows on a chaise lounge.
“Contemplative Fire”, “Laughter”, “Machinery of Magic” and “Sunfae Embrace” on decorative throw pillows.

“I originally presented these as pillows mainly because that product shows both detail and adaptability of the design, but you can now buy these mandalas on anything, even non-square formats. For instance, they make interesting clocks, magnets, trivets, shoes and, of course, especially tiles.”

“Use them alone or in groupings, placed squarely or in diagonals, in matching sets or mixtures. If you want to experiment with designs on a small scale before purchasing full-sized products, you can buy them as stickers to position on a paper model till you get the effect you want.”

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