Dreamdeer’s Mandalas™ Decorative Tiles

Original, dream-inspired geometric mosaic mandalas in the Naugrenic style by artist Dolores J. Nurss, available for purchase as decorative ceramic tiles. Scroll down to view her designs and links to individual tiles.

(Dolores’ mandalas are also available as fine art prints.)

Our Newest Designs

“A touch of ornamentation here and there signals us that we don’t merely have what we need, but also a bit of what we want — a reminder that we are not just surviving, but thriving.”
— Dolores J. Nurss

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“Decorative tiles make a simple way to bring a splash of color and visual interest to a setting, to delineate space, to accent an area, or to relieve visual tedium. Their small size, which can easily combine in a grouping to cover a larger area, makes them adaptable to areas of all dimensions.”
— Dolores J. Nurss

Dreamdeer's Mandalas decorative tiles accenting a bathroom
“Crystalline Melody” accenting a bathroom backsplash, with “Rose Garden Twilight” bordering the mirror and “Treasure of Friendship accenting the shower.

Special project? Please contact us to discuss alternative sizes or materials (such as glass or porcelain) or to commission a unique design.

Dolores is more than happy to discuss mandalas, art and decor, and is available for custom design commisions.