Dreamdeer’s Mandalas™ Decorative Tiles

Original, dream-inspired geometric mosaic mandalas in the Naugrenic style by artist Dolores J. Nurss, available for purchase as decorative ceramic tiles. Scroll down to view her designs and links to individual tiles.

Please contact Dolores if you have any questions or special needs. She’s more than happy to discuss mandalas, art and decor, and is available for custom design work.

(Dolores’ mandalas are also available as fine art prints.)

Our Newest Designs

“A touch of ornamentation here and there signals us that we don’t merely have what we need, but also a bit of what we want — a reminder that we are not just surviving, but thriving.”
— Dolores J. Nurss

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“Just as both sides of the Yinyang symbol need a dot of the other, just as a cake needs a pinch of salt, so minimalism and similar modern styles need a balancing touch of color and/or intricacy, lest the brain suffer stress from lack of stimuli.”
— Dolores J. Nurss