Dreamdeer’s Mandalas™ Fine Art Prints

Product mockup of "Alexander" art print hanging in a cafe
“Alexander” art print hanging in a cafe.

Original, dream-inspired geometric mosaic mandalas in the Naugrenic style by artist Dolores J. Nurss, available for purchase as fine art prints on museum-quality paper. Scroll down to view her designs and links to individual prints.

We hope you enjoy our collection and please contact us if you have any questions. Dolores is more than happy to discuss mandalas, art and decor, and is available for custom design work.

(Dolores’ mandalas are also available as decorative tiles.)

Our Newest Designs

“Mystics and madmen have been known to make mandalas compulsively. Regular people can find comfort in the sense of balance and centering that they provide.”
— Dolores J. Nurss

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“Every society has developed mandala motifs, in everything from decorations to religious symbols, to the point where they have won recognition as a major archetype, representing wholeness and a host of good things that go with that.”
— Dolores J. Nurss