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Ghost Writing

"Shhhh!" by David Arv Bragi
“Hush!” whispers the client to his muse in the mirror…

As the most zen of all literary arts, ghost writers must immerse themselves completely into their client’s identity, setting aside one’s own ego to express another soul’s inner visions and outer goals.

Are you an individual working on an artistic, academic, business, marketing or biographical project that needs a discreet wordsmith to make it sing?

We will help you to research, write, edit and illustrate a professional-quality book, white paper, series of blog posts or other written content. We can also help you with illustration and design.

Our services are 100% confidential — we can’t even tell you who we’ve already worked for!


"Sheeple Man" by David Arv Bragi
“We are the Sheeple…”

Do you need an out-of-the-box music video that takes your song to the next level of entertainment? Does your film project need some fantasy B-roll sequences? Are you looking for something different to splash behind your DJ? Does your marketing campaign need a new secret weapon?

We love new challenges and can certainly work within your “indie” budget. As video generalists, we work primarily in the 3D creation suite Blender and related design packages, which can produce both animated sequences and 3D still images — the “Hush” image in the previous photo is an example of the latter.

Watch our music video of The After Lashes’ provocative girl-punk track We The Sheeple.

What is Intuitive Content?

"Brainstorm" by Dolores J. Nurss
“Eureka!” cries the writer to the client in his brain…

Writing unique text designed, not so much to look clever and trendy, but to agree with your original vision and your professional instincts.

Designing entertaining visuals that connect your concepts and personal brand to the hearts and minds of your audience.

Embracing the complexities of the marketplace. Going beyond the metrics to find patterns in apparent chaos. Using your wisdom as much as your knowledge. Finding your answers where they have always resided, deep within.

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