Confidential Ghostwriting Services

“There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility. Inside of the dullest exterior there is a drama, a comedy, and a tragedy.”
— Mark Twain

Everyone has a story to tell. Every story is worth telling if it’s told well. As a husband-and-wife team of ghostwriters and copy editors, we will work with you on a personal basis, helping you to find your words, bring your story to life and make it sing.

Practicing the most zen of all literary arts, a ghostwriter must immerse completely into the client’s creative vision, channeling the latter’s ideas into words that express them with authenticity and enthusiasm.

Our Writing and Editing Services

"Shhhh!" by David Arv Bragi
“Hush!” says the client to the ghost writer, as they share a secret muse…

If you have a story to tell but have not written it down, we can interview you via phone, video call, chat or email, then write a draft manuscript for you to review.

If you have already written elements of your story but are not satisfied it, we can edit, rewrite and/or redevelop your manuscript, refining it into a finished product.

If your story needs additional content to flesh out the personal narrative — for instance, some historical background that lends context to a personal narrative — we can research and write that content for you.

We specialize in clients who require discretion, so our services are 100% confidential. The content, byline and copyright will belong to you. This is your story and you are the storyteller; we are the consultants that help you to shape it into proper form. We will not discuss your project by name, either publicly or with our other clients, without your permission.

We charge professional rates on a flat fee basis, charging by the project. We do not charge an hourly or percentage rate. We can scale our services to meet you budget.

We value the personal relationships that we build with our clients. Contact us with your ideas and let’s start a conversation.

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