Writing and Editing Services for Non-Native English Speakers

Ad for ESL Editorial Service

Do you need to improve your English-language skills?

Are you a business person who wants to expand your reach into English-speaking countries with well-written marketing content?

Are you a website owner who has used translation software to automatically translate your content into English, only to be disappointed with the quality of the results?

As ESL (English as a Second Language) editors, we will improve and polish your text’s choice of words, phrases, syntax and spelling, so that the final draft will be clear and understandable to a native speaker of American English.

We will correct all of the little mistakes that can make such a big difference in how well your words are received. Once complete, it will easily pass for the work of someone who has spoken English fluently their entire life.

We will also explain, step-by-step, why we make these changes, so that you can improve your English skills and eventually write your own content.

We specialize in clients who require discretion, so our services are 100% confidential. We will not mention your project by name, either publicly or to our other clients, without your permission. Send us a message and let’s start a conversation.