Writing and Editing Services for Non-Native English Speakers

Ad for ESL Editorial Service

Are you a website owner who has used translation software to automatically translate your content into English, only to be disappointed with the quality of the results?

Are you an author or academic who has written a book, script or paper in English, but you are better in your professional field than you are in the English language and need help improving the manuscript?

As ESL (English as a Second Language) editors, we will improve and polish your text’s choice of words, phrases, syntax and spelling, so that the final draft will be clear and understandable to a native speaker of American English.

English is the most complex language in the world, a hybrid of many ancient tongues with different grammatical structures. This is why Americans often use proficiency in English to help determine a person’s social status.

Too often we have seen intelligent articles, advertisements for high-quality products and other important messages laughed at and dismissed as unworthy of consideration, due to mistakes in grammar and usage made by people who haven’t learned English from childhood. This has cost many entrepreneurs a fortune in missed opportunities and many profound thinkers the respect of their colleagues.

Our services can help you to take advantage of those opportunities, earning the attention, trust and respect of your English-speaking customers, professional colleagues, or fans.

We are highly experienced at corresponding with business, professional and academic people from numerous countries. We have supplied industrial equipment to trading companies and industrial facilities worldwide, provided medical transcription services for doctors at an international research hospital, and mentored college students who wish to improve their English-language capabilities.

To be clear, we are an editorial service, not a translation service. We will not translate your text from another language into English. We will correct all of the little mistakes that can make such a big difference in how well your words are received. Once complete, it will easily pass for the work of someone who has spoken English fluently their entire life.

We charge a flat fee for our professional services. We do not charge by the hour and our initial consultation is free. This is so that you will know in advance exactly how much it will cost to complete your project.

In return, you will receive the services of someone sensitive to bringing out the full beauty of your intelligence in whatever you want to say. Send us a message and let’s start a conversation.

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