Women’s Voices in the Art Catalogue

Nobody says Picasso, the male artist.” — Patti Smith.

From time to time, men need to be reminded that we are not the default gender. Women have never been a “niche” demographic in the history of arts, crafts and design. They have just been a niche in the minds of the historians. To ensure that women receive proper representation in the historical catalogue of great art, women’s voices must be heard during the process of its curation.

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Art Shows Struggle to Reopen During Pandemic

With a light now visible — if barely — at the end of the pandemic tunnel, society finds itself torn between a healthy desire for social distancing and a not-so-healthy case of cabin fever. In response, the art world is taking a few hesitant steps toward resuming the physical art shows and fairs that play a critical role in creating relationships between artists, collectors, galleries and communities.

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