Ghostwriting Services

"Confidential Folder" by David Arv Bragi.Are you too busy disrupting industries to spend time writing about them? Do you want to promote your thought leadership to customers, influencers or the general public? Are you working on an artistic, academic or biographical project that needs a wordsmith to make it sing?  We will produce, on a confidential basis, professional-quality articles, white papers, books and web copy that you can publish under your personal byline or company name.

Customized Market Research Reports

"Currency Globe" by David Arv Bragi.Planning a startup? Expanding into new markets? Performing a risk assessment? Need a snapshot of the industry landscape? We will research your target sector, then produce a uniquely intuitive study tailored to your business needs. Going beyond the simple metrics that most reports offer, we will analyze news reports, scholarly articles, expert opinion and social media discussions to “get a sense” of the market and its potential for your enterprise.

Read our comprehensive tutorial Organize Your Government Sales Campaign.

What is Intuitive Content Marketing?

"Brainstorm" by Dolores J. NurssDeveloping unique text and images that don’t just look good on a screen, but also agree with your management instincts. Writing insightful content that promotes your organization’s thought leadership. Designing entertaining visuals that connect your brand to the hearts and minds of your audience.

Embracing the complexities of the marketplace. Going beyond the metrics to find patterns in apparent chaos. Using your wisdom as much as your knowledge. Enjoying random conversations with your customers. Finding your answers where they have always resided, deep within. Basing content upon:

  • the original vision that first shaped your core goal and business model;
  • the inherent and unique nature of your products, services or mission;
  • the values, ethics and regulatory environment that guides your policies;
  • the points of intersection between your brand image and customer persona.


The FOD Control Corporation

Logo for The FOD Control CorporationA leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of foreign object damage (FOD) prevention equipment and training materials for the airport, aerospace, manufacturing and defense sectors, for whom we currently produce white papers, infographics, product marketing, e-learning courses and other content. Here are a few examples:


"Desert Flowers" by David Arv BragiA public outreach project of the scientific research company UL LLC. A past client, over the course of two years we researched and wrote public safety articles on such topics as health care, personal finance and home improvement. Here’s our personal favorite, created as a public service for domestic violence survivors: How to Get a Restraining Order.

Confidential Clients

"Shhhh!" by David Arv BragiHonestly, we can’t tell you who most of these guys are! We currently research and ghostwrite high-level white papers, articles and thought leadership content, usually on a non-disclosure basis, for corporate brands in the health, financial, industrial and other sectors.


Dolores J. Nurss, Partner

Dolores J. Nurss (in Glastonbury)“Algorithms have always had laughably poor results on me. I have to shake my head constantly at what online sites recommend for me to purchase, how they rarely get it right.

“There are a lot of people like me, whose tastes, needs and desires aren’t mathematically predictable, but who nevertheless create subcultures that other ‘Exceptions’ can find.

“And they have money — often from unconventional but lucrative jobs — and want to spend it on what suits them. I see, in fact, a vast network of subcultures being ignored, because most marketers don’t know where to find them.

“For that you need adaptability, creativity, and a product that in itself offers adaptability or variety, to tailor the experience to the Exceptions out there. And you need websites where they can feel comfortable and heeded.

“I don’t just think outside of the box. I don’t just peer over the edge of the box. I was born outside of the box and I have been exploring the wild reality beyond it, in all of its terrifying beauty, my whole life long. I will show you discoveries, not assumptions, and inspirations, not habits.”

David Arv Bragi, Partner

David Arv Bragi (with eagle)“All too often, the marketing industry gives into a herd instinct. Everyone tests the same basic demographic groups, employs the same trendy content styles and competes for the same high-value keywords.

“It’s no wonder the marketplace flattens out profits in what should be high-profit sectors; everyone’s chasing after the same horse and he’s got twice a many legs as you do.

“Sometimes it’s useful to take a step back from the data and trends. Reacquaint yourself with your organization’s original vision statement. Recall the goals that you set for yourself when you first went into business.

“Compare them with your current marketing content. Do they agree? Or are you merely imitating your rivals, who are likely imitating someone else? Experience has shown that  messages resonate more with your audience when that message is your own.

“Different creative methods arise from different cultures. Give me the Wild West. I approach a project like a hungry coyote or a lonely raven. Not sure what consumers want? Follow them through the meadows. Need to get their attention? Fly into the highest tree and shout to the horizon.”

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